Children want to move a lot and they should.

But they spend much too much time sitting still doing homework, at the computer or in front of the television. The swoppster was designed especially for children’s great need for movement at kindergarten and primary school ages. Thanks to its 3D technology this active stool actively prevents bad posture and back problems. Movement is also important for the intellectual development of a child. In this respect the swoppster greatly stimulates movement which in turn provides impulses for beneficial neuronal networking of the growing brain. Furthermore, through more movement it helps to improve the circulation of the blood and thus increase the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. This makes the children more attentive and concentrated. In a nutshell: the swoppster, the new active 3D children’s swivel stool, brings back movement into children’s everyday life. It enables healthy active sitting from the very beginning. And it’s a lot of fun too.

Each child is different.

The swoppster is designed especially for children of pre-school and primary school age, in other words for children from 4 years onward and up to a weight of 50 kg. The only active 3D children’s swivel stool in the world can be adjusted individually in many ways for height, spring hardness and sideways movement.
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