numo - the moving design chair

One contract chair for all uses. Modern, timeless and already award-winning design paired with exceptional technology for movement while sitting. This unbeatable combination is called numo, the latest sitting innovation from aeris. The numo does more than just offer a comfortable sitting experience. It keeps you in motion, at the office as well as at home, in meetings and conferences or at the dining table and living room.

numo - always in motion

Thanks to its sophisticated movement mechanism, the numo follows your movements and constantly adjusts itself to you - you’ll always sit exactly how you want. Enjoy an optimal seating experience with the matching, ergonomically shaped seat cushion - even when you're sitting through those longer meetings.

numo - outstanding design and innovative technology

In all its editions, the numo offers a unique form of motion. Thanks to its clever design and special movement mechanism, no effort is required: numo follows your natural movements. The design chair not only swings backwards but also forwards, creating a completely new seating experience: when working and relaxing.

numo moves you

At numo, you have a choice between four different frame variants: Skid frame, wooden legs, gliding base, roller base. No matter which one you choose, each variant offers you advantages: the numo with skid base is even suitable for outdoor use, while the version 4-star-base with rollers allows you to be mobile in the office. The wooden legs of numo are made from FSC-certified European oak and the seat shell of numo with the 4-star-base can be rotated by 360 degrees.

Mix and match!

The seat shell of the numo is available in five colours; in total there are more than 30 different variants, which can be combined to create a harmonious overall impression.
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