Uncompromising. Just like you.

Did you know that one employee in two often or always has to stand when working. It is a dilemma that this occurs in all professions and that millions are suffering from the related strain and pain. The health consequences range from tension, stiff muscles, bad blood circulation, metabolic disorders and damage to the spine and joints through to chronic bad posture. The consequences for companies and the economy are expensive loss of performance and working days. That is why Aeris developed the muvman. The innovative, dynamic standing-sitting seat provides solutions to the problems of a strictly standing workplace, while going one step beyond: it boosts workplace productivity. Productivity that comes from an optimised workplace configuration, physical fitness an inner motivation.

One seat, incredible flexibility.

The muvman was designed for use in all areas of work; ideal for all types of desks and working surfaces. The muvman’s height adjustment range is unique, providing the right sitting conditions for people of all heights and physiques.This makes the muvman particularly attractive, because all sorts of people can use one and the same muvman.
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