oyo rocks!

oyo is new, daring and unique. It attracts attention and it is immediately obvious that this chair is a statement and an all-rounder which moves gracefully between retro and modern, and that it has what it takes to be a design classic: oyo - The Chair. But the latest development from Aeris not only looks good, it is of course also highly functional, technologically advanced and ergonomic. The oyo is the world’s first combination of a saddle seat, shell chair and rocking chair. A completely new way of sitting which invites you to move more and assume all sorts of different sitting positions.

oyo gets you rocking every where.

The oyo is not only stylish, but also variable. In the conference room, meeting area or at home, the oyo adds style and motion through its timeless and dynamic design. oyo is love at first sit. Its flowing shape embraces you with a growing feeling of wellbeing as you sit. And the best part: the oyo always rocks you into a good mood.
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