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More than 80% of the population have their own painful experiences on the topic of back problems. Can you already have a say? One of the main reasons for this is the lack of movement of today's time. And our coherent, conventional rigid sitting.

For a number of years now, there has been a new kind of seating that allows for a lot more movement when sitting than ever before: the swopper. We as sell the swopper for years and our customers are extremely enthusiastic about this world-wide unique way of being able to sit three-dimensionally mobile. Our customers confirm what the manufacturer aeris says: sitting on the swopper strengthens the back, keeps the spine straight and the intervertebral discs and joints fit. On the swopper you always sit automatically correctly. This is noticeably good. And it's even fun.

A new standing-sitting seat, which is ergonomically reasonable, which can be used in a wide range, from the desk to the reception, the advisory counters and information counters, to workshops and production lines, which can be used by all employees - regardless of body mass and workplace height - and which is still well-designed... Is that possible? Yes. There is: the muvman, the innovative active-standing-sitting seat. is convinced by the muvman. Everywhere it is used, this extremely variable active-standing-sitting seat has created a lot of interest: both through its multi-award winning design and its outstanding advantages in terms of mobility, height adjustability, stability, ergonomics and individual as well as spatial flexibility.

You know as a competent partner for innovative office and furnishing equipment. We particularly like to play this card when it comes to something really special. A completely new office chair is that: the active office chair 3Dee from aeris. We do not say "wow" quickly, but we did it: strong design, instantly convincing seat comfort, sophisticated 3D-movement concept, intuitive setting and operation.

Ergonomics and movement in the office are a conceptual "must have" in modern office and object planning. The 3Dee from aeris represents an office chair for the office area, which meets both the requirements of practice in office space as well as the wishes of health management.

New, courageous, extraordinary. This is the oyo of aeris. A universal "favorite place" and a stylish eye-catcher for conference rooms, lounge and waiting areas. What you see at first sight: oyo is a stylish eye-catcher! But his talents go much further: he rocks, seesaws, is super comfortable and inspires to always new seating positions. It invites people to move and sit more individuality in the office and work world.